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Police Brutality

This series of wartime booklets is illustrated by someone called "Seaman," who draws burly men in little briefs and hulking thugs in intimate stances with cops, and features "Professor Butch" and "a Fistic Expert." Hmmm. This is what really goes on at the Police Gymnasium.

Police Jiu-Jitsu

1943 Padell Book Co., NYC

The author of this booklet tells us that American law enforcement officials, despite their prejudice against things foreign, "found that the wily little brown man depended on brain instead of brawn and that he had developed a Science and an Art that utilized another's strength to his own undoing": The Japanese art of Jiu-Jitsu.

As taught to police, marines, "G" men, soldiers, and members of the U.S. Coast Guard, learn how to disarm a thug and outsmart and overpower him with such maneuvers as "The Dervish," "The Ferris Wheel," the mysterious "Mud Turtle," the "Flying Prayer Wheel," not to mention "The Crotch Lift." Such stimulating exercises!

Not just for he-men, jiu-jitsu can be performed while maintaining ladylike composure.


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Police Wrestling: Mat Holds, Grips, Falls

1942, Padell Book Co., NYC

Bold line drawings of buff and mostly naked men in tight black shorts illustrate such grappling techniques as "Stock-Lock-Buttock," "Half-Nelson and Crotch Hold," and "The Ram-Rod."

Includes a section on "Wrestling for Pleasure." It's refreshing to see men who are not afraid to touch each other.


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Scientific Boxing: Diet, Fight Training, Scientific Boxing, K.O. 


1941, Padell Book Co., NYC

Everything you needed to know about K.O. punching in a handy pocket guide! A "Fistic Expert?" That must be some kind of scientist!

Illustrated with s-l-o-w motion movie strips, an encyclopedia of prize fighting, ring rules and ring history. You can almost smell the sweat!

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